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What is Escrita com Luz?

Definition Escrita Com Luz | What Is

Escrita Com Luz Philosophy | The Arts

The words originate from the Spanish language but when put together what do they actually mean?  Technically the two words mean writing and light but to the Latino community they mean far more.  The real meaning it Illumination of the Mind and Spirit by writing or can also be interpreted as finding meaning and awareness through art.

The interpretation of either of these is up to the individual but I prefer to see it as finding enlightenment through visual or written forms.  These forms even written can be visualized in the mind allowing illumination of the mind.


dao philosophy


Thesis’s have been written about and both men and women have created ‘Escrita com Luz’ but who, what, where or when it is found is up to the individual.  It can be found anywhere, anytime and in everything.  It is wrong to limit it to the visual arts too as music can enlighten and heal.  It is powerful and in some ways can be entwined in the dao philosophy.

Let’s take this even a step further.  Why limit Escrita com Luz to an art?  Cannot enlightenment be found within one’s self or another?  Is not the philosophy of love an art that cannot clearly be defined and is open to interpretation to each individual as is a fine piece of art by Rembrandt or Monet or a classic story by Shakespeare?

Many people try to box the definition of Escrita com Luz of Escrita da Luz to the visual art of photography, and a quick search of the term on google will bring up a myriad of photographers, photographic studios and even photo galleries, but is this not just being narrow minded and boxing in the words rather than their intended meaning.  Cannot Escrita com Luz not push the boundaries of sights and sense like modern day Dadaists do? Is it not something that should be expanded on rather than limited?


modern day Dadaists

This site is dedicated to attempting to explain how escrita com luz resides in the written form, the visual for of photography and a form that can take all senses art.  These explanation only touch on the true meaning of Escrita com luz and in no attempt is it an attempt to box in in what for or where it can be found but is the tip of the iceberg that many allow you to explore further where it is or can be found in your live.  Each of these explanations in themselves open up a plethora or opportunity to expand further and I hope that you take the opportunity and go on that journey.

So let’s begin that journey by giving you a text book definition of three forms of escrita com luz.

Escrita Com Luz - Writing

The Art of Writing.Many people will argue that writing is a skill and not art. However how could you not class a classic writer like Ernest Hemingway as an artist of the written form? [...]
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Escrita Com Luz - Photography

One of the difficulties that visual artists (counting picture takers) face for the duration of their lives is having a brief, however articulate portrayal of their work at the tip of their tongue. You know, similar to a two-minute lift discourse that portrays what they do immediately. [...]
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Escrita Com Luz - Art

What is Art? It is the expression or application of human creative skill and imagination, typically in a visual form such as painting or sculpture, producing works to be appreciated primarily for their beauty or emotional power to others. [...]
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