Sports Photography – Foreseeing the Future

Sports Photography – Foreseeing the Future

In most types of photography especially sports photography, there is always something special and unknown: Photography iluminates. There are a lot of things you need to know about lighting, composition, and camera settings. But in sports photography, you need to anticipate the future. Like in live games and matches you need to worry about lighting and such.

With sports its just anticipation so you’ve really got to pay attention.

Here are a few tips he learned from his class on how to put it together.

Sports Photography – Understand the Sport

Sports photographers should be highly knowledgeable about the sport they cover. In this way, you can identify the high-tension points and where the action will take place.

Knowing that a touchdown pass will be thrown that can win the game will allow you to frame your shot ahead of time. Ready to capture that moment as it occurs.  It is not like you know what is going on and you see every little detail of the person’s body.

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Learn About the Athletes

A particular athlete’s history and specific details are also crucial for capturing his or her essence. There are multiple ways to express yourself. Every athlete has a different approach, habit, or facial expression. An ability to anticipate when these moments will occur will be a great help in capturing them.

In order to capture great moments, you can’t just point and shoot.

It is common for photographers to just use their cameras. Seemingly not caring too much about what is going on inside their own minds. Think about a player’s personality, and what he or she expresses when they win or lose.  A specific tennis player throwing their racquet on the ground after losing a point, for example.

Before the Game, Scout the Position

It is difficult for you to place yourself at high-profile events because organizers usually dictate the locations.

As an example, during the Olympics, a photographer will turn up to 3 hours early in order to locate his position. Ensure that he’s in the right place at the right time. Brain training requires a great deal of effort. But you must try and anticipate what may happen.

Taking pictures of hockey play, for example, requires study of the team that was favored and the shot you desire. Before placing the camera above the goalie net. Using a remote shutter, you can fire the shutter from far away when your camera is placed in an area that you cannot access.

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Keep an Eye out for Patterns

In addition to what we discussed before, it is imperative to recognize patterns and repetition in order to anticipate these high-profile moments.  Knowing that skiers get a lot of air when they reach the top of a certain hill, for example, will help you anticipate the next time someone will get this much air.

Being at the right place at the right time hinges on knowing what to expect.

Be alert

Sports photography deals with events that happen rapidly and often without warning.

Best moments in sports happen in an instant, and they are gone. You must always be paying attention to catch these moments. Because you never know when these great moments will occur (unless, of course, you can predict the future). It is very easy to miss these moments if you blink, if you’re tired, or if you’re distracted.

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