Architecture Escrita Com Luz – Capturing Art

Architecture Escrita Com Luz – Capturing Art

So is Architecture Escrita Com Luz roughly encompassing the idea of finding meaning or awareness through art. Seems simple enough but very soon we arrive at other questions. What is escrita com luz?  And how do you define art?

Paintings, sculpture, these are obviously art, right?

So what about more physical subjects like dance, ballet, or theatre? What about design, construction, even architecture? While these are all valid topics in this article we hope to address the ultimate in that list, architecture and building design.

Does architecture fit within the bounds of Escrita Com Luz?

Can we visualize and understand architecture as art? Let’s dive in.

A very wise person once said that art is anything which makes you feel. Much like the concept of escrita com luz art is meant not only as a well-defined subject. But also as a more all-encompassing feeling or way or seeing the world.

Picture this, a young, sleep-deprived architectural student working feverishly on his final project. What does he consider when designing such a piece? Surely such things as stability, building safety, and cost.  But I believe, and it is at the core of my argument, that our nameless hypothetical student thinks also of feeling.

As he draws line after line. Bridging one room to the next or whatever the case may be I argue that the architectural student, in this case. And the architect at large considers above all else his composition as a piece of art. The question becomes is the designer’s intention enough to.

Architecture Escrita Com Luz
unique perspective of the building

Architecture Escrita Com Luz – Labeling A Piece As Art?

Certainly not. But reach deeper still. Consider the last time you walked through an elegantly designed building or structure. Perhaps the gently sloping or sharply angled lines of the architect’s vision became only more moving once they were physically formed. It is one of the most moving things in the world to step foot in a miraculously well-designed building or structure.

Visualize one of the great cathedrals of Europe. Are these pinnacles or architecture and design not themselves glorious pieces of art? It is important to make a distinction at this point.

Not every building or piece of architecture is artistic in nature.

This much should be obvious.  A brutal office building contains little feeling, and certainly the architect did not set out to design said building with art in mind. But those pieces of architecture that can be seen as art, that can be seen as encompassing that feeling of escrita com luz, can unquestionably and without hesitation be viewed as art.

It is always difficult to have such black and white conversations about something as moving as art. There can be no doubt that much of modern architecture can be seen as art.

Next time you walk through your town or city take a look around. Try noticing the difference between artistic and economic architectural designs. Differences should be clear and perhaps just by noticing you will come to appreciate the artistic nature of architecture even more.

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