Fashion As An Art Form

Fashion As An Art Form

From necessity to cover our body and stay warm, it has evolved what we call fashion. It grew like a living entity, branching out with jewelry, shoes, lingerie and accessories, ties, belts, and bags.  Transformed the person into a living show of art with makeup, hairstyle, and fragrance.

Fashion is the most transformative form of art.

How can you deny the phrase you are what you wear?

Reality and Fantasy

Ordinary people like you and I get our clothes and accessories from retailers carrying mass-produced products meant to be worn in the real world. It offers a balance of practicality and flair for our own taste to express ourselves. We live by convention. And sometimes wear suits and dresses to fit the function we must attend, whether it be a wedding or a business meeting.

Occasionally one might come across a fashion magazine, then something happens.

In the magazine are presented with not the product, but a dream. We enter a world of fantasy where everything has been manufactured. Every item positions perfectly, each element has been carefully planned out to entice and draw you in.

Fashion is an art form that inspires and gives an onlooker an escape from the ordinary world.

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Fashion – The Show Must Go On

We go to the gallery to look at art, but in fashion, we have the Show.

There are great artists as there are great designers. Then you have the Masters of the art. To Micheal Angelo, there is Channel, to Dali, there is Jean-Paul Gaultier. An artist has created a world of illusion where nothing is real. Models themselves are part of the display, and in their own right have mastered the art of grace and fluidity that we lack.

Music that beats in the background sets the mood with the fabrics and shapes of the textiles. There is no question that fashion is an art form.

An Uncomfortable Fit of Fashion

Fashion is the manifestation of who you are and who you want to be.

This gives it great power and wielding great power sometimes corrupts. Fashion is status, fashion is expression, fashion is truth, fashion is lies. Confusing? Let’s think about it.

  • What you wear often lets people know your social status.

In some cases why would anyone pay thousands of dollars for a pair of running shoes? Why would anyone pay thousands of dollars for a piece of fabric? If not for status then what?

  • It also lets you express who you are.

Colourful, casual, simple, vintage, stylish, fancy, cool, chic, striking, clean, classy. These are only aa partial adjectives that can describe fashion. In turn what you wear will show the others what you are. Or sometimes what you want to be. So you can be truthful in who you are, or you can lie to the world.

And Now You

Each stage of your life you grow, and with this growth, fashion grows with you.

Is this not the essence of Escrita Com Luz? Transformative nature of who you are is fashion. There is clothing that can only be appreciated and seen and never worn. Much like wisdom and enlightenment in the spirit of Buddha, always striving but never reaching in one lifetime.

To this brings you to see who you are and who you want to be. Fashion offers the visual representation of who you are each time you look into the mirror.  It gives way to dreaming of someone you want to be if not for the hustle and bustle of life. You really take the time to see what you are wearing. Maybe you can really appreciate the thought that you have put into in picking each shirt, trousers, or blouse.

Ask yourself, is this really me?

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Fashion is Escrita Com Luz

A question of How Fashion can be Escrita Com Luz art is simple.

If it inspires, if it transforms you if it expresses you, does it not give you an insight into who you are?   To know who you are is a philosophical question that only you can answer truthfully.  In order to do this, you really have to ponder the life choices you have made that lead you to where you are right now.

One of those choices is what you are wearing now. Thus shouldn’t the question be, how can fashion not be Escrita Com Luz?

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