The Art of Performing

The Art of Performing

The art of performing in front of a crowd is a side of the greater concept of Art that is overlooked as impressive but not quite “Art” and certainly not Escrita Com Luz art.  I assure you, the performing arts are a hard to master yet very beautiful form of art depending on how you look at it.

What is the Art of Performing?

There are 3 main types of performing arts are Singing, Dancing and Acting. I’ll be focusing on Singing and Dancing for this. Both of these have their own unique feel and approach to achieving Escrita Com Luz or enlightenment and fulfillment through Art.


This has heavy connections to Music which I don’t think anyone would disagree with music being considered a powerful form of art.

But let’s focus on singing which is the ability to say words in way that’s pleasant to the ear and sounds like music all in a coherent manner.  More than that it is the ability to say words in way that resonates with the audience in a emotional and sometimes spiritual way.

Just simple words spoken into the void together with sounds from instruments can cause thousands to come and watch the live show. Bathed in the raw emotion.  Singing is one of the most powerful ways to express yourself. And it’s through the spoken word, one of the first things we had to learn to do when we evolved to where we are now.

the art of performing
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When it comes to enlightenment, it is a two way street.

Audience can be so affected by a song’s lyrics and the emotion behind it that they may develop a new philosophy and outlook on life, a personal awakening.

For the singer it is almost the same way, a personnel enlightenment. Emotion is a tough concept to grasp and yet is so important to our daily lives and it’s helps define us as humans. One of the ways to express the emotions deep inside us is by dancing, writing and of course singing.

Through singing the singer can find a sense of freedom when expressing the emotions we as a society usually keep hidden. This can allow the singer to find something about themselves they didn’t know or put it in a way that is mentally tangible. Through the process of self discovery, inner peace and enlightenment can be found.

This is rare for a singer to achieve because of how the industry is. But it’s a side to singing that can be considered Escrita Com Luz. Rare though it may be, the audience’s inner and hidden emotions resonating with the singer’s outward spilling of emotion is truly something special that can only be called Art.


Another part of Performing Arts which is similar to Singing in many ways.

Almost everything I said about Singing can be applied to Dancing but with some major differences.  Connection between audience and singer is rare and hardly seen but with Dancing, at least with partners, it can be.

Dancing is a way to express one’s emotions like singing. But instead of using your voice to put it in a tangible form, dancing is more primal and raw. Since the only thing communicating your emotion is your body. You don’t have to filter the emotion into a understandable form, you just let it move you.

In a more spiritual sense, when paired with music it’s like the emotion possesses you which could be a reason for your body dancing on it’s own sometimes.

the art of performing
Love of the Soul

Enlightenment is mostly seen when two people dance together

In almost perfect harmony, just letting your emotion do the talking. It’s almost like you’re in your own world with your partner.  Enlightenment is that feeling of connection you feel when dancing with a compatible partner, like two souls in motion.

When alone the enlightenment comes when the ultimate feeling of freedom. Second only to flight, overtakes you. It’s can be akin to ego dissolution. Because in that brief moment when you’re dancing with your emotion overtaking everything, you feel one with your surroundings, with the song that is life.

What else could this feeling be but Escrita Com Luz, what else could this performance be but Art.

With all this being said, I hope I proved and explained well enough how the Performing Arts are Escrita Com Luz.

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